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can happiness really be a grocery store?

Anyone that knows me but at all is well aware that I miss Florida.  My family, my friends, the local church, and all of the hundreds of thousands of little things.  

I mean, I’m in South Carolina for the next two days, and my heart seriously skipped a beat when I saw this  

And I was minutes away from spending a couple hundred dollars on a plane ticket just to see my Florida life for a few short moments.  

And the other day, out of no where, thunder echoed through out Charlotte, and it was just a torrential afternoon down pour. But it was Florida-esque, so I loved it.  

And every time my phone rings, and I see an 813, 904, 352, or 407 area code, I do a little dance on the inside.  


So can happiness really be a grocery store? No.  But it sure represents a whole lot of goodness in my life.  



  janelle wrote @

my heart just fluttered

  Denise M. wrote @

So happy for you! I know you will be glad to get a sandwich or two!!!

  alli wrote @

This made me smile. I love you Jenn! See you in just over a week! woot!

  Jenn wrote @

@janelle : i bought peanut butter, just for you 🙂

@Denise : i did a sandwich…and lots of fresh and delicious fruit

@Alli : see you sooooooooo soon!!!

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