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His Spirit IS at work in me…

Sometimes I doubt that I can or will ever change.  Will I indeed be a different person 5 years from now-pursuing Christ more, sharing the gospel more, having put to death certain sins, working on mortifying other sins?

There are certain things that I think are obvious that a person’s heart is being changed by a power greater than themselves…

1.  A die hard Seminoles fan starts cheering for the Gators because they finally realize that the Gators are CLEARLY the better team and deserving of their allegiance.

2.  A vegan digs into an aged del monico steak from Bern’s, because they realize meat is a good gift from God and should be enjoyed.

3.  A pro-choicer becomes a pro-lifer because their heart is convicted over the consequences and ramifications and evilness of abortion.

4.  Someone who was born and raised in Florida and has missed it dearly for the last year has the opportunity to transfer with her job and go back to Florida.  And she says NO.

That’s right.  That last one was me.  The opportunity recently presented itself to transfer with EY to Jacksonville, Florida.  And, unless something drastically changes from tonight till tomorrow morning, I will be turning it down.

I miss Florida.  I miss Florida family, Florida friends, Florida football, Florida familiarity…(sidenote – check out THAT alliteraion!).  But I also know that God brought me to Charlotte for a reason, and I don’t think he’s done with me here yet.

I’m excited about gospel opportunities in the coming year.   I’m learning to abide in Christ alone more than ever before…even here and now in Virginia.  I love that friends struggling with things in Florida are being connected with friends in Charlotte, who have, in the power of Christ, CONQUERED AND OVERCOME those same struggles and sins.

The fact that I chose to stay in Charlotte over returning home…. this encourages me that the Holy Spirit is indeed at work in me.. changing me, shaping me, molding me more into the image of Christ.  Because I am denying my flesh, and putting on Christ, and believing that I can do more for the gospel in Charlotte than in Florida. At least for now. 🙂

So I am full of anticipation for what God is going to do in Charlotte this next year.  Because I don’t think He is keeping me there to live a safe little auditor’s life.  I am looking forward to His Spirit moving in a powerful way.

And mostly, I am humbled by the fact that the Holy Spirit of God is working in me…  in ME!



  Neil wrote @

Fantastic post, as usual.
Not to mention world-class alliteration.
How about a phone call one of these days?

  Jenn wrote @

aw thanks neil 🙂

you calling me or am i calling you? 😉

  Denise M. wrote @

hmmmm. Very interesting.

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