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I was reminded during lunch today that I have long been remiss in posting.  Of course, I’ve been busy, but when in life are we not busy?  Each season brings it’s own challenges, time restraints, etc.

I graduate from UVA with a master’s degree in accounting in 13 short days.  This is never something I saw myself doing.  In fact, almost every current aspect of my life isn’t something I saw myself doing – finance at UF, moving away from Florida, master’s degree at all, thinking about pursuing a job in the polical realm….

While the overarching desire of my heart remains unchanged – to live a life that is pleasing to God, and brings Him glory day in and day out – the way that I see this manifesting in my life is changing – day in and day out!

There are certain blessings from the Lord that I do pray for, (and being a single young woman I’m sure you can take an educated guess at what those are)…that I pray He has in store for me.  But until then, I do not just want to sit idly by.  So I’m taking chances, taking stances, getting involved, trying to make a difference on this earth-our temporary home.

All that being said, I’m ready to be done here in Virginia.  This party atmosphere just ain’t my style…I like my bedtimes! 🙂  But it’s stretched me, and taught me, and for that, I’m grateful.


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still traveling all over the place?

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